Multi-color / Multi-shape Head

Competitive market pressures require continuous innovations in production technology to maintain an advantage over the competition. The Extru-Tech, Inc. Multi-Color / Multi-Shape Head is designed to provide an immediate return on investment and provide a technical advantage that the competition simply cannot match using existing technology. The Multi-Color / Multi-Shape Head (US Patent No. 6,719,448) is an exclusive technology designed specifically for single screw extruders. The revolutionary die assembly design enables the production of multiple colors and shapes simultaneously.

Multiple colors and shapes - Simultaneously.

It has the ability to produce multiple colors in a single production, eliminating the need to stop production to clean or change the color of the head.

Production in multiple ways in the same production cycle eliminates head changes and production interruptions.

Multi-Color heads can be completely removed from the extruder barrel in 10-15 minutes, then the extruder can be restarted by running a single color, at full capacity, minimizing interruptions and therefore downtime.

The Multi-Color / Multi-Shape system eliminates the costs of mixing and executing different productions to achieve the desired color of the final product and the combination of shapes.

The matrix is ​​available in 2-, 3-, and 4-color configurations and shape configurations; It can also produce marble or bi-colored products, both dry and semi-wet.

All systems are designed to use a matrix disc and cutter head.

The liquid dye is injected into the matrix through high pressure dosing pumps, which ensure the highest quality of the finished product.



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Osvaldo Muñoz

Corporate Accounts Sales Manager