Baires manufactures pet food in Argentina.

The company was looking to increase production in its modernized facility without compromising the quality of their product. Their goal was to pack 500 tons of product each day. In this video, you can see the interviews with Luciano Nicolas Pasini, Luis Mansila, Gabriel Berazategui and Matias Deschamps from Baires, and discover how Premier Tech helped them automate their complete packaging line for pet food with fully automatic Open-Mouth Bagger, Bag Sealer, Robotic Palletizer and Stretch-Hooder.

Premier Tech is a global leader in bagging, packaging, and palletizing solutions with a rich history spanning over 100 years. The company is dedicated to optimizing operations through world-class packaging systems and the development of innovative equipment designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of processing and packaging operations. Premier Tech's product range includes a wide variety of machinery and equipment tailored for bagging, palletizing, case packing, pallet wrapping, and processing and conditioning equipment.


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