Aerox has over 30 years experience in odour abatement. Founded in 1974, we specialised in the development and production of dust filters and air scrubbers. By then we were called Jongerius Aerob. Today, we focus solely on our in-house developed Aerox®-Injector, based on non-thermal plasma technology. We have an extensive agent and distributor network all around the globe.

Industrial odour abatement

The year 1994 forms a landmark in our corporate history. Legislation and market demands for odour abatement led to the invention and development of the Aerox®-Injector in collaboration with one of the leading companies in the market. We decided to focus on the further development of this revolutionary cold plasma technology, being the most sustainable and effective odour removal solution available.

Knowledge of industries

We have experience with many industries and its specific processes, characteristics and demands. Also we have the knowhow of the source and composition of odours across many industries, as well as with scientific tools and processes to investigate the complexity of each unique situation. Relevant regulations and legal requirements hold no secrets for us.

Best Available Technology

We actively participate in various international platforms and initiatives focused on odour abatement. Governments and clients across the globe have recognized our Aerox®-Injector for supplying the Best Available Technology in the market. We happily shared our expertise participating in the development of the VDI standard for non-thermal plasma technology.

Aerox is part of Pindustry and the Verder Group. The Verder Group has been chosen by the Management Team (MT) as the number 1 in the Dutch top 100 manufacturing industry.

Merijn Appelman

Merijn Appelman

International Sales Manager