Greater productivity for high quality products.

Rapid heat removal with liquid nitrogen or pressurized carbon dioxide gas precisely controls the processing temperature in premium pet food products. The exact processing temperature helps ensure the complete incorporation of protein, fat, seasonings, and essential ingredients during grinding and mixing of fresh produce. For frozen food and pet food products, nitrogen or carbon dioxide systems rapidly reduce product temperature to a set target temperature, improving production rate and maintaining high product quality. Try freezing or cooling your product formulation in our large-scale food laboratory.

Fresh and frozen selections

For a growing segment of the population, pets are also people. At least when it comes to better quality pet food options. As pet owners become more health and ingredient conscious for their own diets, this carries over to the health of their pets and the ingredients they look for in their pet's food. In general, fresh products are considered to be better for you than processed ones, making fresh and frozen pet food increasingly popular and consequently more frequent.

Many forms and various formulations

Full muscle cuts, ground product, and cubed servings are the main ingredients and require precise temperature control to maintain initial high quality. Liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide in the coldest cryogenic form of gases are effective and highly efficient tools for rapidly reducing product temperature. The precise temperature requirements to quickly cool or freeze the product to a target temperature is key. These Praxair gases in combination with cryogenic freeze, chill, inject and direct snow systems allow the production of not only pet dishes but also improved productivity for a variety of fresh, dry and frozen jerky snacks.