R Series Twin-screw Pet Food Extruder

Advanced high-efficient extruder for super premium pet food production, especially for high fresh meat recipes.


Zero-head-waste during precondition

The SPTZ series high performance preconditioner can realize zero-waste material, FIFO, adjustable conditioning time, high homogeneity, high slurry/liquid inclusion.


SME control

SME control can adjust the mechanical energy input, to change kibbles’ density and reach various expansion rate; Better adaptability for different formulas.


Modular intelligent automation design

Adapt modular design, fully automation. The standard modules include auto-feeding, One-button start for pre-heating, conditioning, the extruder and auxiliary equipment, SME online control, one button stop, one button flush, etc.


Vertical pneumatic lifting unit

Vertical pneumatic lifting unit takes less operation space, easier operation;

No leakage of kibbles and steam, friendly operation environment.


Stable & reliable running, less downtime

The gearbox is supplied by world class supplier with top grade bearing oil and sealing;

Equipped with torque limiter, ensures the gearbox running smoothly and reliable.



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