ZOANUGGETS PLUS is a product made from a fat base with a balance of ingredients that allows it to remain fluid, soft and tasty after the extrusion and drying processes. It comes in Bag in box presentation for 1,000 Kg, and is ready to be injected into the extrusion line.

You won't have to deal with in-plant mixing, clumps, or color addition issues; ZOANUGGETS PLUS comes ready from the factory to minimize process times, minimize operator dead time and optimize energy in stuffed Nuggets' manufacturing process. Pets enjoy the experience of different textures in the same stuffed kibble, so it can even be used to make treats with creamy fillings.

Through our technical team, CALLIZO AROMAS will come along with you from the very beginning in the implementation of the stuffed material and the fine-tuning of the Nuggets line. Our goal is helping you to produce a winning Nugget with the features you want to get.

By: Callizo Aromas

Source: All Pet Food


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