We are a young, dynamic and efficient Latin American organization. We specialize in the creation and fabrication of aromatic ingredients and specialty additives for companies that manufacture pet food and mass consumption products. Our goal is to provide companies that produce balanced food for pets with new effective products that combine and are perceived to improve the quality of their food.

With 30 years since its foundation, we still maintain an active and growing market participation in Latin America, thanks to our specialists in Research, Marketing, Quality, Production and Service give us a significant competitive advantage.

We develop innovative solutions of integral palatability for pet-food manufacturers, destined to improve food quality and pets well-being. Experts and engineers support customers directly in their factories to integrate our additives and aromas in industrial manufacturing processes.

Our marketing and sales team continuously investigate new releases and market trends, and from this information we analyze many factors: development conditions, breeds, growth stages, local environment, nutritional requirements and mainly the wishes or aspirations of their owners, key to achieve success.

Andrés Romero Larrauri

Andrés Romero Larrauri