Double Screw Rotating Extruders

Double Screw Rotating Extruders

The twin screw extruders are used when it is required to produce food with high levels of fat or for some reason the product becomes too fluid. When a high mixing process is required inside the extruder and better process control. They are especially used for the production of Soy Texturized (TVP), fish feed, special food formulations, etc.  


Driven by a three-phase electric motor, with speed controlled by Frequency Variation. Primary transmission with high performance belts with a mechanical “pin” type fuse and secondary transmission box with straight gears in an oil bath with forced oil lubrication with an electric auxiliary pump.

Helicoids, brakes and kneaders designed and built by our company, made of alloyed stainless steel, fully mechanized and heat treated.

Stainless steel chambers, with cavities for heating or cooling through the use of water and / or steam or electrical resistances in case steam is not available.

Stainless steel side forcing driven by gear reducer.

Dosing feeder for conditioners made of stainless steel with control by gear motor in oil bath.

Lung hopper "live bottom", with internal axis and remover blades.



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