Single Screw Extruder Extruders

Single Screw Extruder Extruders

Equipment specially designed for the production of PetFood (pet food), deactivated wet soy (with steam), feed for fish farming, etc.


Helicoids and brakes designed and built by our company, made of chrome alloy steel, fully machined and heat treated.

Steel barrels, with changeable carbonitrided inner jacket.

Monoblock frame mounted motor so it does not need civil works or fixings to the ground.

Oil bath bearing box, with two radial bearings, one axial spherical roller bearings, premium quality and viton seals.

Lateral forcing, driven by gearmotor and reverse gear.

Dosing feeder for conditioners made of Stainless Steel.

Lung hopper type "live bottom", with internal axis and remover blades.

Cutter system (CUTER), mounted on the nose of the extruder equipment, movable by means of a pneumatic cylinder and built-in sharpening stone for the cutting blade.

Modular two-step conditioner, body built in stainless steel, with independent drive motors for each module. All built in Ac. Stainless.

Automatic conditioning temperature and humidity regulation, through PID control.

HMI + PLC set for total control of the equipment (Flow rates, cutter rpm, temperatures, etc.)



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