Northwind Plantlogix™

NorthWind PlantLOGIX™ Security is the user access management software designed to manage user access for multiple manufacturing applications used across your whole facility.

With a centralized view of your application permissions, you will be able to easily create, edit, and assign user roles that span multiple applications.

NorthWind PlantLOGIX Security allows users to quickly log in once with the swipe of a badge and navigate seamlessly between all applications for which they have permissions. Management is able to see who is logged in to an application at any point in time. Other NorthWind PlantLOGIX software can be used to track every action, ranging from an operator manually opening a valve to supervisors making a recipe change.

Users are automatically logged out after a pre-set time of inactivity which helps to keep your system secure. NorthWind PlantLOGIX Security integrates seamlessly with the entire NorthWind PlantLOGIX suite of software, as well as other manufacturing software including FactoryTalk­­­® software suite, Ignition®, and Wonderware®



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Matt Lueger

Vice President of Sales at NorthWind Technical Services