Hand adding ingredients is a necessary but often error-prone step in many manufacturing processes. The errors most commonly associated with hand add stations include errors in recording lot numbers, adding the wrong ingredients, or inaccurately scaling ingredients. With BatchMATE® these errors can be minimized.

BatchMATE is designed to help the operator move through the hand add process quickly and with minimal mistakes, while enhancing all of the benefits of an automated system. While using the BatchMATE station, the operator is prompted to scan each ingredient’s “part” number, eliminating the risk of mixing up ingredients. Once the correct ingredient has been scanned, the BatchMATE interface asks for the lot number to be scanned before moving on to the scaling step.

The scales are set with rigid tolerances, preventing the operator from moving on to the next step until the weight of the ingredient is within the allotted parameters. This not only makes for consistently good product, but allows inventory to be tracked more accurately.

BatchMATE also works seamlessly with the BatchLOGIX® module, allowing for complete realization of the advantages of recipe management, lot tracking, batch historian, and reporting interpreted across all the manual and automated equipment on your plant floor.



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Matt Lueger

Vice President of Sales at NorthWind Technical Services