Principal - H

high-performance high-level palletizer
... up to 2400 units per hour.

The high-performance high-level palletizer PRINCIPAL-H is capable of palletizing up to 2400 bags or cartons per hour.

The fast high-level palletizer is equipped with an empty pallet magazine and an outfeed system. A bag flattener at the beginning ensures that the bags are “in shape” for stacking. Flexible layer patterns are made possible by a servomotor-driven overhead rotating device that rotates the bags to the required position. For example, the bags can be positioned so that the bag seams point inwards or barcodes can be read from the outside.

A well-structured layer pattern is guaranteed by the synchronous belt drive of the layer pusher, which enables the exact positioning of the bags or boxes, and the motor-driven front and side shifters, which ensure a stable and right-angled layer.



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Markus Wolfmajer

Division Sales Manager