Fully automatic vertical Form-Fill-Seal bagging machine

... up to 900 bags per hour.

The SYSTEM-F, a fully automatic vertical form-fill-seal packaging machine, produces pillow bags and gusset bags with or without carrying handle and a filling weight between 5 kg and 50 kg from flat film.

The System-F is particularly ideal for packaging powdery and moderately free-flowing products. Thanks to an adjustable format set, different package sizes can be produced. The format and/or production can be changed by one person in just a few minutes. This is made possible by a rotating magazine, which is installed directly on the machine and holds several format sets of different sizes ready at all times.

The vertical FFS packaging machine impresses with its compact design and low space requirement. Further options allow this bagging machine to be adapted to a wide range of requirements.



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Markus Wolfmajer

Division Sales Manager