Fully automatic high-performance bagging carousel for open-mouth bags

The high-performance bagging carousel CIRCUPAC has been specially developed for the packaging of flour and powdery products in pillow bags and gusset bags with a filling weight of 10 kg to 50 kg.

The CIRCUPAC is ideal for filling prefabricated open mouth bags made of woven PP, PE or paper. The special feature of the packaging machine is the continuously rotating carousel: All components are precisely matched to each other, so that the entire process is carried out without a start-stop system. A maximum output of up to 1200 bags per hour can be achieved.

All movements are controlled by an intelligent master servo motor controller and are precisely coordinated with each other. An extended filling time by six filling stations as well as the constant compression of the product by special vibration plates result in a well-filled bag.



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Markus Wolfmajer

Division Sales Manager