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High-performance robot palletizer
... up to 1400 units per hour.

The high-performance robot palletizer PRINCIPAL-R, an articulated arm robot palletizing system, is always offered as a customer-specific solution with renowned industrial robot manufacturers and STATEC BINDER know-how.

Depending on the required performance, different robot models are used. The gripper is also adapted to the respective application. A special feature of the PRINCIPAL-R is that it has been optimized for sling bags.

As standard, jointed-arm robots with 4 axes and a rotation of up to 360° in the R-axis are used. This robot type is particularly suitable for palletizing and depalletizing applications due to its fast and repeatable movement.

The operation and selection of the pallet patterns is carried out simply via a touch screen. The set-up variants range from a single to a double to a multiple line arrangement.




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Markus Wolfmajer

Division Sales Manager