Twin Version

Fully automatic duplex high-performance bagging machine

... up to 2400 bags per hour .

The Twin Version of the open-mouth bagging machine combines two bag placers and two filling stations in one machine.

Two STATEC BINDER high-performance net weighers ensure that the product is precisely dosed and weighed. When the required weight is reached, the weigh hopper opens and the product flows into the attached bag at the filling spout. A high-performance bag closing machine enables fast sewing, sealing, or gluing of the bags.

The high performance of the Twin Version is achieved by always separating two bags simultaneously, transporting them to the pick-up station, fixing them onto the filling spout, filling them, and placing them on the conveyor belt. The bags are then transported one after the other to the bag closing machine.

For example, the PRINCIPAC-Twin can handle up to 2400 bags per hour with a filling weight between 10 kg and 50 kg.



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Markus Wolfmajer

Division Sales Manager