Double Screw Extruder Model E-150d

Until then offering a line of twin screw extruders with capacities ranging from 400 to 8,000 kg / h, Ferraz launches its extruder with the highest production capacity: up to 10,000 kg / h: Model E-150D Double Screw Extruder.

The E-150D twin screw extruder has more advanced technology than single screw extruders, with features such as:      

Greater flexibility in the configuration of different thread profiles and easier to change and replace them; greater versatility.

Possibility of working with diets that have higher levels of ether extract, as it offers greater pressure and product expansion.

Works great with adding fresh meat.

Easier cleaning of the barrels: smooth, grooved or helical coatings.

Variety of products: steak, bicolors, nuggets, among others. If you focus on the premium, high premium and super premium portions, we have a twin screw extruder suitable for your production, contact us!



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Alexander Cruz