New Generation Of Ferraz Dryers

The new generation GIII of horizontal dryers, developed by Ferraz, is already in operation with very thrilling results; in terms of energy consumption as well as in drying efficiency and uniformity of the feed.

Minimal variations in the moisture content of the product are important to increase the activity of the water at the outlet of the dryer, thus increasing its weight and improving its palatability.

The new Ferraz dryer presents uniformity of parameters same as or better than the best equipments in the market, with the advantage of a competitive cost.

In addition, Ferraz dryers can be equipped with an on-line water activity analyzer and density meter, tools that help a lot in feed production.

• Less difference in the analysis of water activity, length and width of the belt.

• Efficiency in recirculation and air mixing.

• Reversible and uniform air flow.

• Uniformity in the product inlet - new spreader model.

• Temperature control at the air outlet.

•  Robust construction of modules, chains, gears and other components.




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Alexander Cruz