All is an online platform for the Pet Food Industry, founded in 2014 that covers all the processes of pet food production, from the reception of raw materials and ingredients, through its different processes, machinery, flavorings , nutrition, health until its packaging, logistics and distribution.


The online platform offers the latest news and current technical articles in the industry, as well as market developments, trends, regulations, as well as different digital marketing services that guarantee the positioning of different client companies, their content, products, services and announcements published at a Latin American and global level.


With a traffic of more than 4,000 daily visits and the services it offers to companies and events in the Pet food sector, All Extruded has positioned itself as a benchmark in the Pet Food Industry at a Latin American and World level. Actively participate as a sponsor and exhibitor in the main industry events, bringing to the entire audience what has happened, in addition to the new trends that take place every year, as it is a sector in full growth and development.

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