The brand has reduced its environmental impact by making changes to its manufacturing, recipes, logistics and packaging, such as by using renewable electricity in the factories where the range is made and selecting ingredients with a lower carbon impact.

Logistically, where the infrastructure exists, pet food products have been transported between countries using multimodal transport – a combination of road and rail systems – instead of purely road.

Purina ONE DualNature features mono-material packaging, which can be recycled in stores in the UK, while the bags have been made with 40% recycled plastic. So far, the range has successfully reduced its carbon footprint by 15.7% compared to a 2019 baseline.

The range contains natural ingredients with health benefits such as spirulina and cranberry and comes in a variety of meat and fish flavours. Adjustments to recipes have been made without compromising the nutritional value, quality and taste of Purina ONE DualNature, the company maintains.

Purina Europe marketing director Fabio Degli Esposti said: 'At Purina, we're committed to producing healthy, nutritious pet food that you can trust. But that's not all. We believe the health of our environment is as important as providing high quality pet food products.

'Purina ONE DualNature is the first Purina product range that has announced a reduction of its carbon footprint, but it's just the beginning. Purina Europe is striving to contribute towards Nestlé's wider ambition of reducing its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030.

'Our journey goes on and we'll be working to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions over the coming time, so that pet owners can confidently choose products that contribute positively to both their pets and the environment.' The range is being launched in selected countries across Europe. The RRP in UK grocery stores is quoted as £6.60.

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