Mtx Series - Recoverers

  • Allows you to apply a wide range of% fat, digestion and other ingredients to the croquettes
  • The system is designed focused on hygiene and retention time.

PLP SYSTEMS has developed a new series of MTX continuous trimmers, this machine comes from decades of experience with the MT series, it is an evolution that focuses on hygiene and retention time. With 3 models MTX30, MTX50 and MTX100, capable of covering production ranges from 1 to 20 ton / h.
The PET FOOD industry requires high hygiene standards for the quality and safety of its products. For this reason, the equipment must be designed to avoid critical points where dirt could accumulate and cause a possible source of salmonella, other bacteria and fungi. The MTX series covers are designed according to this standard and it is possible to integrate a CIP Clean In Place for an automated cleaning procedure.

Retention time is also an important point that has been implemented in the MTX series and can also be done in the standard MT series. Some special devices called ISD internal shaft dampers have the function of reversing the product with a significant increase in retention.

The other implementation is called ARV01, this unit has the scope to block the product in the outlet discharge through an automated flap that is self-regulating by the product level inside the machine. This is very useful especially when the production line is designed to have a wide production range, for example from 3 to 8 tons / h and at the lowest capacity the ARV01 makes the difference.



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