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Iberian Feed

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We are a company with 27 years of experience in the commercialization of feed rations and additives for balanced feed formulation plants for: Poultry, Pigs, Ruminants, Horses, Small Species and in the Aquaculture Area.

The Company was founded in 1992 and bears the name of its directors, Merchán & Fontana. The corporate philosophy and excellent service to the community have allowed it to become the Distributor of the largest global transnationals, allowing it to offer customers products with the highest technological research in Animal Health and Nutrition.

Iberian Feed today has a presence in Ecuador, Panama and Mexico and more than 20 distributors in these countries.

Its technical department is made up of Veterinary Doctors, Zootechnicians, Biologists, Nutritionists and Marketing specialists.


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Hydrolyzed functional proteins - Improving health inside out

We take a holistic approach to pet health, developing functional ingredients that span all major health areas, intending to improve pets' overall well-being. We seek to inspire and unlock new opportunities for our customers through our high-quality, science-backed ingredients for pet food products.   Hydrolyzed functional proteins to improve health Palbio® 62 SP is a raw material for animal feed based on highly digestible and palatable hydrolyzed porcine intestinal mucosal proteins that promote feed intake and contribute to intestinal health maintenance in pets and companion animals.   Enzyneer® Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology It is a safe source of high-quality proteins and functional peptides, obtained with a unique industrial process (EnzyneerB Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology). This process gives rise to a product composed of L-a-amino acids and bioactive peptides, which positively impact animals' intestinal health. Palbio® 62 SP is a hypoallergenic ingredient, fully digestible, and highly palatable due to its composition of aromatic amino acids and peptides. It contributes to intestinal health maintenance and contains bioactive peptides with different biological functions that provide nutritional well-being to pets.   A sustainable, natural origin product Palbio® 62 SP is a sustainable product of natural origin, as its entire production process, which focuses on creating a circular economy. The raw material is a co-product of the pharmaceutical industry, and in its value creation process, a great amount of water is recovered, recycled, and reused in energy and other auxiliary materials, avoiding waste generation, harmful to the environment.   As shown in tables 1 and 2, Palbio® 62 SP is a high-quality protein that positively affects feed intake and intestinal health in monogastric animals.   Table 1. Incidence of Palbio® 62 SP in dry food intake   Table2. Incidence of Palbio® 62 SP in wet food intake   In addition, other benefits have been shown in their general well-being and intestinal health:   High palatability Compared to diets containing other animal and vegetable protein sources, feed intake improves. Improves feed intake compared to diets containing other sources of animal and vegetable protein. Hypoallergenic Thanks to its low molecular weight of 600 daltons, it is considered non-allergenic. Functional activity Palbio® 62 SP promotes intestinal cell selective proliferation, as well as the selective expression of genes in intestinal cells related to digestive health. Digestive health Genes related to barrier function, nutrient transport, digestive enzymes, digestive hormones, antioxidant enzymes, and immune response benefit from Palbio® 62 SP. Palbio® 62 SP is suitable for all species, improving intestinal health and animal welfare.   Source: Iberian Feed



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