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Triplethree International is a flexible, dynamic and innovative market research company that handles various analysis and research methodologies, adapted to the business objective of each client.

Triplethree specializes in industries and categories where there is little market information or it is complex to access. Our mission is to connect the strategic information that we investigate and analyze, with the growth objective of our clients.

Founded in 2014 by Iván Franco, Mexican economist. Triplethree works in partnership and alliance with some carefully selected consultancies in order to generate efficiencies and be competitive. Providing the highest quality and experience of service and professionalism to our clients.


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Por Iván Franco

Connection and trust: Revolutionizing brands in the pet food world

This shift in thinking leads us to evaluate the key elements in building a brand, from product innovation to social responsibility, which combine to forge a cohesive and resonant brand identity. In this text, we address these topics by highlighting the impact of each element on customer loyalty and satisfaction.   Real connections are brand essence   Creating a successful brand in the pet food industry means establishing a genuine connection with pet owners. This involves going beyond the product to speak directly to the hearts of consumers, addressing their values, needs, and desires. A comprehensive approach, which ranges from discovering a brand's mission to implementing effective communication and loyalty strategies, is the path to lasting loyalty. For example, let's look at some leading multinational brand experts in connecting with pet owners.   Technological innovation is the key to the future   In a rapidly saturated market, technological innovation is crucial. On the other hand, developing innovative products that anticipate trends and meet pet owners' expectations is essential to maintain our brand relevance. This ranges from specialized or improved formulas to sustainable practices, as well as the use of technology as a marketing claim, which generates trust and enriches the product experience. Today, there are successful brands that 'sell' technology implicitly and explicitly, particularly in premium foods.   Digitization cannot wait in the data era   Digital technology has redefined how we interact, and for pet food brands, it is an invaluable tool to increase and make the connection with pet owners ubiquitous. Personalizing the shopping experience and customer service through digital solutions can completely transform brand perception.   Sustainability and social responsibility are values ​​that permeate   Today, sustainability and social responsibility are not just good practices. These are already expectations consumers have, especially the youngest ones. Brands that demonstrate a real, transparent, and honest commitment to these values ​​not only earn the respect of pet owners but also their loyalty by resonating with their personal principles. An example of social responsibility is carried out by some leading brands by helping abandoned dog communities and donating food to their shelter network.   Empower the business by measuring and analyzing data   In our journey to connect with pet owners, we cannot overlook the compass that guides us: the power of data. Understanding the importance of measuring and analyzing our efforts allows us to fine-tune our brand strategies with precision. This analytical approach is what helps us ensure that we are not only meeting market expectations but exceeding them, raising the bar for what it means to be a brand in the pet food world. This area is where we are most behind in the region since there are only a couple of examples of brands that do not skimp on analyzing because they know that the returns are juicy.   Conclusion: generating brands that inspire loyalty   Building a brand in the pet food world goes far beyond selling a product with pretty packaging and a catchy name. It's about creating a meaningful experience and lasting relationship with pet owners. By holistically addressing innovation, technology, sustainability, and data analytics, we can ensure the relevance and competitiveness of our brands over time and in saturated environments.   Brand architecture is the skeleton on which the entire identity of a company is built and organized, ensuring coherence and clarity in its offer to the market. It facilitates consumer understanding, reinforcing their perception of value and loyalty towards the brand. This strategic approach is crucial to differentiate itself in highly competitive markets, guiding the expansion and evolution of the brand with a vision for the future.   By Iván Franco. Source: All Pet Food Magazine. 

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Spanish pet food brand strengthens presence in Mexico

Pet Markt Company, a Mexican producer and distributor of super-premium pet food, is launching Advance, a brand of Spanish company Grupo Affinity. Affinity is among the largest pet food companies in the world, while Advance is well-known as a prescription pet food brand intended for dogs with dermatological ailments. A leader in nearly 70 markets worldwide, Advance is manufactured in Spain and comprises several prescription pet food products and a few maintenance formulations. The brand owns a research center near Barcelona to test and validate its formulations for dogs and cats, which recently published the first testing report on its dermatological products. In the trial, their product regenerated skin tissue (in a skin-artificial model), reducing the amount of cortisone required in the patient. Veterinary pet diets only In this initial launch in Mexico, Pet Markt introduced Advance's Atopic, Hypoallergenic and Sensitive Skin for dogs. As for cat food, the company introduced the Advance Renal variety. Advance products are available solely at veterinary clinics in Mexico and won't be available at other specialty pet food chains or online.Pet Markt distributes its products from Mexico City to the rest of the country and has same-day deliveries to central Mexico. Pet food launch complemented by e-learning program According to a media release, to support the launch in Mexico and provide knowledge and awareness, Advance (through Pet Markt) is offering its e-learning program, Vets & Clinics, directed to the veterinary community, free of charge. This hub of online resources includes webinars, clinical cases, papers, podcasts on Spotify, diagnostic posters and other relevant information for veterinarians. In addition, the platform offers an e-learning program with monthly tuition, where doctors can pursue diplomas in different areas, from managing a veterinary clinic to workshops for specific diseases. Plus, Pet Markt, the operator of Vets & Clinics in Mexico, offers 100% scholarships for Vets & Clinics-Advance customers.  by Iván Franco 



Iván Franco

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