Jorge Martínez, President of ADM's pet nutrition segment, underscores the strategic importance of Guadalajara, expecting the investment to triple the company's capacity in the burgeoning pet food market.

ADM is deepening its footprint in the pet nutrition sector with a significant $33 million investment in a new production line in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Set to increase its workforce by 65%, the move bolsters the production capabilities for renowned pet food brands and paves the way for ADM's future product innovations. The company's decision to expand in Jalisco, a growing economic hub in Mexico, strategically positions it for broader reach within Mexico, Central America, and Colombia.

ADM Invested $33M to build and open a new pet food production line at its existing facility in Guadalajara, Jalisco , Mexico 

Jorge Martínez, President of ADM's pet nutrition business, emphasized, "Without a doubt Guadalajara is a strategic, economic location for ADM in Mexico. The integration of this new production line adds range and flexibility to our capabilities in Mexico and enables ADM to triple its capacity and give us wider international visibility within the pet food market."




The facility will be equipped with new technology such as automated systems to avoid the use of forklifts and manual hauling, and work practices are aligned with NOM-036, wich is a Mexican regulation on ergonomic risks factors at work 

This venture embodies ADM's activities on sustainability, innovation, and community enrichment, setting an important step in the pet nutrition industry.

The Mexican pet food market is foreast to expand in volume by 4 % and in value by 8% over the next five years , with ADM´s business anticipated to grow above those ranges, added Jorge Martinez.

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