All Pet Food will continue in the new year with new projects and events in Latin America and the world with the celebration of All Pet Food Day in person at the Hotel Cosmos in Bogotá, Colombia and the first edition of CIPEU 2023European Pet Food Industry Congress, to be held in September 2023 in Zaragoza, Spain, in collaboration with Feria Zaragoza.

The arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere of the planet is accompanied by new challenges and innovations for our industry and examples of this are shown in the first edition of All Pet Food Magazine in 2023, such as the possibility of production of snacks with 3D printing. This rather futuristic technology can even be composed of novel ingredients, such as proteins from insects and algae. Research  suggests that 3D printing has potential for the creation of sustainable pet food and new product development.

On the other hand, Blockchain technology comes to light in this edition, which is having a strong impact on the pet food industry, especially in the agricultural supply chain and aims to improve the automation of companies, as well as precision, repeatability , increases productivity, facilitates scalability and reduces waste and human error.

Northwind and Schenck Process, two of our clients present topics of great importance for the different processes such as the modernization of the Control System in a factory and the solution of problems of a washing feeder.

In addition to other very interesting topics for the industry such as Statec Binder's Flexible Packaging Technology, Famsun's new vacuum coater and Ferraz's worldwide solutions, we have an interview with Marcelo Beraldo da Costa, the new AFB International Director  for LATAM, who tells us about the new challenges, growth, innovations and solutions the company will be working on during this year.

Undoubtedly, a start of the year that invites us all to daydream about new technologies and solutions for our Industry. We wouldn´t want to end without first thanking all our customers, sponsors and readers who accompany us during all these years, as well as our followers on social media and at the different Events & Congress All Pet Food organizes for the industry globally.

Happy 2023 to all!

by Iván Marquetti

All Pet Food Team

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