We are going to start this article by defining the term gluttony, it comes from the Latin gluttire, which means to swallow food excessively or without measure.

The biggest problem lies in the harmful consequences that obesity has on the health of our pets, the most frequent being joint, cardiovascular and endocrine diseases.

An obese dog is a reflection of a sick dog, which translates into a poor quality of life and a decrease in life expectancy. Generally, weight gain is due to an imbalance between energy intake and use, always associated with sedentary behaviors. It is vitally important to take our dog's diet into account in the early stages of development, an obese puppy will be an obese adult dog.

If, on the contrary, we maintain an adequate feeding routine, if we supply a balanced and good quality diet, adjusting the dose to the age and weight of our pet, the chances of our puppy being an obese dog will decrease significantly.

Exercise will be an inevitable discipline in the life of our dogs and, like the diet, it must be adjusted to the stage and condition of the animal. Ideally, to control your pet's gluttony, we recommend  incorporate feeding schedules, teach him to remain calm at mealtime and if you see him agitated or anxious, wait until he is calm to feed him.

If the problem is  they eat very anxiously and/or quickly, you can use a special type of dish for these cases, which prevents the pet from taking large amounts of food to its mouth at the same time. Ask your trusted veterinarian the tools that make it easier for you to control your pet's gluttony.

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