Financial service company Cofidis has investigated pet consumer and ownership habits in Hungary and found that dog owners spend HUF12,000 ($33.78/€31.09) per month on food. 

Pet care and veterinary costs are around HUF47,000 ($132.32/€121.75) per year. Compared to their 2018 survey, Cofidis' most recent results mark an almost 33% increase in pet expenses. 

According to Euromonitor, Hungary saw the most significant rise in pet care product prices in Eastern Europe (22%).

40% of Hungarians own a dog


The survey, carried out in October 2023 with a 500-participant sample size, found that 4 out of 10 Hungarians have a dog at home.

50% of Hungarians think it is easier to interact with others with a dog, 55% believe that life is better with a pet and 67% say that a dog reduces loneliness.

Source: GlobalPETS

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