One way to take action regarding waste is the one proposed by the 4R strategy: reduce, reuse, replace and recycle.

In this sense, an Argentine Government Agency (Defensoría del Pueblo bonaerense) boosted the importance of promoting the circular economy in the territories in order to recover waste and revalue them for its reinsertion in the industry, transforming it into new products of social and environmental value.

So, to highlight this important date, we share with the entire pet food community the work carried out by Procens, a company with a great environment commitment.

Procens aims to produce quality natural nutrients for animals and plants from a regenerative model. They work with great enthusiasm to preserve natural ecosystems and take care of human health.

With its headline phrase: 'Nature would not have to produce as our factories do. Our factories should produce how nature does." G. Pauli, Procens leads the development of a new insect based industry, in Argentina and Latin America, offering a sustainable solution for nutrient recycling.


This is done through the development of black soldier fly larvae breeding bioplants, to transform food waste into quality protein for animal feed, and fertilizer for soil regeneration with a 100% natural and sustainable process.



This turns them into a triple impact company with a model founded on the knowledge and circular economy. Prioritizing the well-being of your team, your community and the environment as the center of its development.



The company proposes its products as a sustainable option in the formulation of pet food, since Larvae Meal (ProtiCens) and Larvae Oil (LipiCens) are 100% natural and are made without adding chemicals. Both ingredients can nutritionally replace other conventional animal origin meals and vegetable oils, such as coconut and palm oils, currently used in the industry, whose production damages our land and marine ecosystem.

Also, a collaborative garden was created as another way to promote sustainable practices and learn about agroecological production techniques. It has a compost bin to reduce the amount of organic waste that ends up in the final disposal, and transform it into nutrients for the plants that are grown there. Procens teams was invited to participate and everyone was given a basket to dispose of their compostable household waste, which is collected periodically to compost in the bioplant. So, involving the family in the initial separation is intended to promote ecological habits and multiply them in the community. The project also seeks to promote a healthier diet, providing garden products for employees consumption.

To learn more about this 100% sustainable company, you are invited to watch this video!



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