Wenger Enhanced Sanitary Dryer

Initial design criteria stipulated that no internal horizontal surface could be greater than 5 x 5 millimeters, unless absolutely necessary (i.e. discs, floors, etc.).

The standards have a minimum slope of 30 degrees on all internal edges, as well as the elimination of cracks and crevices in which the material can be stored. Of course, less material build-up translates to easier and faster cleaning.

However, that is only the beginning. We've also made cleaning quicker and easier, by increasing clearance, eliminating spills and adding seals. Polyester air filters filter chamber air as it enters the system


Less material, easy cleaning

Quick and easy cleaning starts with less material buildup. Thanks to the new sanitary design, Wenger's Improved Sanitary Dryer removed most surfaces where material can collect. Using the 12-ton / hour model as an example, we have removed 17.7 square meters of potential contamination points. That represents almost 450 liters of fines and debris that does not accumulate. At the same time, we've made cleaning easier and faster by increasing the separation between the conveyors and discs from the dryer floor (125 millimeters). Additionally, we created a 230-millimeter access area between the conveyors and the dryer floor.

Other Sanitary Features

  • Optimized conveyors and discs provide more efficient airflow and less product spillage
  • New chain and rail areas that eliminate material buildup.
  • New side seals for conveyors, which prevent product spillage and can be removed for cleaning.

Polyester air filters in the dryer and refrigerator make room air openings for filter ambient air as it enters the system.



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Mauricio Bernardi