In an effort to continually improve product and process development for its customers, Extru-Tech, Inc., recently announced the addition of Jordan Niegsch as Process Implementation Specialist.

A graduate of Pittsburg State University, Mr Niegsch has spent the past 12 years working in the petfood industry, where much of his focus was on single screw extrusion and high-meat-inclusion diets and overall plant operations.

According to Scott Krebs, Executive Vice President for Extru-Tech, Mr Niegsch's role will involve all aspects of product and process development and support, including working with the Innovation Group to develop and deploy new technology for its clients; participating in process improvement; training clients to benefit from new technology, and participating in strategic planning and evaluation.


"Jordan has already held numerous operational positions during his petfood career, ranging from assisting a start-up company to working for the largest co-manufacturing network in North America,'"adds Mr Krebs, noting that Mr Niegsch has worked with Extru-Tech equipment numerous times along the way.

"Consequently, his role with our company will be to work closely with our team in the creation, development, implementation and field support work regarding Innovation Projects. In the process, he will use resources both internal and external to ETI to execute directives. Management has no doubt Jordan will be involved in every segment of our business."


"I'm excited to be part of the Extru-Tech team,' Mr Niegsch relates. 'I've worked with this group for many years and tested several pieces of research and development equipment and procedures in my previous facilities; I look forward to being on the other side and helping ETI customers improve their processes and equipment."

"This job allows me,' he concludes, 'to help to facilitate a project from the concept stage all the way to the customer, working with all departments of ETI along the way."


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