Innovation, technology, quality, sustainability, and safety are the stars of its developments, where its main activity occurs in the Latin American and Brazilian pet food segments.

Its product line includes the flat bottom Box Pouch, Stand up Pouch, Shape Pouch, and 4 seal formats. The main benefits of Soulpack packaging are:

  • Its modern design, which enhances the product.
  • Closure with Zipper or Velcro Ⓡ, which maintains food properties.
  • Easy opening system that cuts straight.
  • Handle to facilitate transportation.

The pet food industry is a fast-growing segment, as is the change in pets' eating habits and their owners' behaviors. Soulpack invests in technology to accompany the market and maintain packaging efficiency and performance, but it does not stop thinking about its commitment to nature.

Therefore, seeking excellence in packaging combined with sustainability is essential. Its processes are designed to avoid negative impacts on the environment. All development stages respect that value, from the correct usage of natural resources to the production inputs disposal. Soulpack's environmental management allows it to produce various packaging types with conscious resource usage.

"We believe that sustainability is the future and, for this reason, we also have environmental initiatives through our packaging," says R&D Manager, Emerson Silva.

Committed to this value, we have developed two new packages, presented at CIPAL 2022:

100% recyclable packaging with a high barrier

  • Structure: PE + PE / Monomaterial
  • Characteristics: High barrier against grease, humidity, and oxygen.
  • Use: Human and animal food
  • Format: Box Pouch, Stand-Up Pouch, 4 seals, and others
  • Printing: flexography and gravure
  • Accessories: laser cutting guide, internal zipper, front zipper, velcro, and others.

Biodegradable packaging

  • Structure: PE, PET, BOPP, KRAFT PAPER, and others
  • Characteristics: Biodegradable containers, with technology that accelerates degradation converting the containers into humus for use in agriculture or in biogas to generate energy (according to ASTM 5511).
  • Use: Human and animal food
  • Format: Box Pouch, Stand-Up Pouch, and others
  • Accessories: Laser cutting guide, internal zipper, front zipper, and others.

Soulpack is proud to be a supplier of great clients that work to guarantee nutritious, formulated food to maintain animals' health and well-being.

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by Soulpack

Source: All Pet Food 

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