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The pet feed market shows high growth levels worldwide and, together with the trends that guide this market, such as humanization and segmentation of products, the development and launching of innovative products is essential for companies to stand out on the market.

Biorigin understands these needs and, for more than 20 years, it mobilizes expertise and technology to offer natural solutions from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast to meet the pet food market demands, adding value to its customers’ products.

Biorigin natural solutions include purified beta-glucans that aids in natural defenses; prebiotics for better intestinal health; natural sources of digestible protein, and ingredients that help to increase attractiveness and food intake.

Ensured by total traceability of the vertically integrated production process - since the raw materials, in addition to the quality assured by certifications FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, GMP +, Kosher (food produced according to Jewish norms), and Halal (food produced according to Islamic requirements), Biorigin´s portfolio is composed of 100% safe solutions.


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The importance of One Health for pet and human health

Humans and pets share the same environment, and this interaction will impact their health. As it is considered a member of the family, water and food containers, toys, beds, and all other items are close to the human family items. In some cases, feeding occurs side by side. Therefore, it is crucial that we take care of the health and hygiene of animals and the environment. Humans are in contact with urine and feces when cleaning the environment, and animals often perform their physiological needs indoors.   Taking care of hair, skin, and oral hygiene is extremely important to minimize exposure to undesirable situations, such as allergens and unwanted microorganisms. Animals can be hosts to parasites, such as fleas and ticks, and effective control of these parasites is vital for the health of pets and the people who live with them. Vaccination is an effective way to protect pets' health and helps prevent diseases that can affect humans, so it's crucial to keep your pet's vaccinations up to date.   As for pet food, a nutritionally complete and balanced diet prevents diseases, strengthens the immune system, and improves intestinal health, contributing to the prevention of zoonoses. "I am passionate about the pet industry, and I believe that this industry was born with the concept of One Health. The pet industry can transform waste from the food industry into nutritious and safe ingredients for pets. Biorigin's yeast-derived products are the best example of this, as some come from the food industry and the sugar cane industry, which have several benefits for animal health in addition to being safe and with full traceability. Our yeasts are ingredients of natural origin and support the pet industry in developing foods that follow the trends and needs of pets, such as humanization, premiumization, and specific nutrition, in addition to being part of a sustainable chain." is what Thaila Cristina Putarov, Global Animal Nutrition and Health Business Manager at Biorigin, says.   Several scientific studies demonstrate the benefits of the human-animal bond, such as reducing stress, anxiety, and loneliness and promoting general well-being. Improved mental health is one of the significant benefits of the relationship between humans and pets. According to a survey by The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI – 2021) with pet owners in the US, 87% said they experienced improvements in mental health after adopting a pet, and more than one in five owners have had a pet recommended for their health by a doctor or therapist.   The One Health concept encourages research and innovation in animal nutrition, seeking to develop safer, healthier, and more sustainable pet foods. Biorigin has been offering ingredients of natural origin for 20 years to meet the demands of the pet food market, providing solutions that help improve intestinal health, pet immunity, and the attractiveness of food. As with our products, MacroGard, scientific and commercial reference, is the source of beta-1,3/1,6-glucans most studied and used in animal feed to maintain health and well-being. It has proven to be an effective tool for skin and hair health, bone health, weight control, and pet immunity. The prebiotics ActiveMOS and HyperGen are rich in mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) that function as substrates for the microbiota and are essential for maintaining intestinal health and local immunity. Additionally, Biorigin's yeast extracts can also make food tastier for pets. To learn more, read our article on palatability and discover the PalaUp line.
  Source: Biorigin.


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Palatability: The importance of flavor in pet nutrition

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people adopted dogs and cats to fight loneliness and bring joy to their families. Abinpet data confirm this increase in the number of pets in households: the dog and cat population in Brazil increased 3.5% and 6% in 2021 and 2022, respectively. However, not only has the number of pets in homes increased, but the relationship between owners and their pets has also evolved. Owners have adopted a more humanized approach towards their pets, treating them like children. According to the Euromonitor survey, 68.6% of respondents globally say they consider their pets family member¹. Pet owners wish their pets to have their values and lifestyles. According to a Mintel survey, 65% of German pet owners agree that their pet's diet has a direct impact on their emotional well-being². This indicates that the pet owners' are more concerned with their pets' health and nutrition has changed, and are now considered essential expenses. Promoting pet well-being and improving their quality of life have become priorities. The humanization trend has led many 'pet parents' to seek pet foods that contain the same ingredients and meet the same claims when purchasing their own and their family's foods. For instance, Mintel data shows that 38% of pet owners in the US seek natural foods for their pets³. In the UK, 53% of pet food buyers agree that those made with sustainable ingredients, such as byproducts from other food production, are more attractive². As a result of this new pet humanization trend, pet food companies have changed their production practices. In addition to sustainability, health, and trends such as Upcycling Food considerations, the industry has also focused on palatability. Pet food companies have given more attention to the characteristics of their products, including texture, aroma, perception, and, of course, flavor.   WHAT IS PALATABILITY   Just like with humans, food appreciation plays a key role in pet diets, ensuring that they consume the required amount of nutrients. But what is the role of palatability? Food palatability involves a combination of factors, such as texture, shape, odor, flavor, and mouthfeel. It also plays a key role in improving the flavor of foods for special diets, balancing the composition of essential nutrients and vitamins with a pleasant flavor for animals. In other words, palatability is related to food savoriness and desirability. After all, dogs and cats have their own preferences and may reject foods that do not meet their individual taste. The primary factor that affect palatability are:
    In short, palatability plays an essential role in dog and cat nutrition. Even though the food contains all the required nutrients, it will not be effective if it does stimulate the animals' appetite.   THE ROLE OF YEAST EXTRACT IN PALATABILITY   Choosing the right ingredients and flavor enhancers in pet food production plays an essential role in market differentiation. It increases the chances of getting the palatability right and, consequently, being appreciated by pets. The most frequently used natural flavor enhancers are yeasts, essential oils, fats, vegetable oils, organic acids, spray-dried animal plasma, protein hydrolyzate, distillates, or food roasting and heating. Adding yeast extracts to food stimulates the palate of dogs and cats, as they have an attractive flavor. Yeast extracts provides Umami, sweet, and sour flavors, optimizing food consumption and the utilization of specific amino acids. Yeast extracts can be incorporated in the food mash or as coating, together with other flavor enhancers. allowing its utilization in a variety of pet food formulations, from extruded dry diets to nutraceutical compounds.   IMPROVING PET FOOD PALATABILITY   Since 2003, Biorigin has used biotechnology to enhance the flavor of a wide range of human foods and to offer yeast-based solutions to increase the attractiveness of pet foods The company has recently launched the innovative PalaUp product line, which applies all its know-how in pet food ingredient production. The PalaUp line is clean label and sustainable. It provides Umami flavor, and specific meat and roast chicken notes, bringing the taste buds of the owner and their pet closer together. It can be used in different applications, and combined with different arrays of ingredients to provide unique sensory experiences to pets. By applying Biorigin's extensive knowledge in human nutrition, PalaUp contributes to make pets' lives even more pleasant and humanized! For more information on the PalaUp line, CLICK HERE. By: Biorigin Sources: ¹ Premiumisation in Pet Care: Inflation and Beyond (Euromonitor, 2023)  ² Patent insights: innovations shaping pet food (Mintel, 2022)  ³ A year of innovation in pet food and products (Mintel, 2023)


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Biorigin Celebrates 20 Years of Commitment to Quality, Excellence, Innovation and Sustainability

Biorigin has stood out over the years for its dedication to product excellence. The company has continually invested in research and development to provide innovative and customized solutions to meet the customers' specific needs and increase their production capacity. Biorigin's commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in its rigorous quality control and global certifications that ensure the consistency and safety of its ingredients. Innovation has been a fundamental pillar of Biorigin's journey over the last two decades. The company has constantly explored new solutions to create ingredients that improve food taste, quality, and the health of people and animals. Through continuous research and development, Biorigin has launched products that have notably benefitted the food industry. Furthermore, Biorigin's determination to promote the well-being of people and animals is demonstrated by its responsible business practices. Biorigin's primary raw material is sugarcane, produced by Zilor, which applies responsible agricultural practices and respect for the environment, ensuring full traceability of its products and reflecting its commitment to an ethical and sustainable supply chain.
Sustainability is an essential element of Biorigin's DNA. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and developing ingredients that contribute to the health and well-being of our planet, as shown by its constant pursuit of cleaner production practices, promotion of environmentally friendly packaging, and waste reduction. Biorigin's member of the Board, Maurício Da Barrosa, shared his excitement about this 20-year milestone: 'We are extremely proud of Biorigin's achievements over the past 20 years. Our journey has been defined by dedication to quality, excellence, innovation, commitment to the health and well-being of people and animals, and the tireless promotion of sustainability. We look forward to continuing our mission of creating a better world using biotechnology solutions.' As Biorigin celebrates two decades of innovation, quality, and commitment to sustainability, the company reaffirms its mission to be a trusted partner in the food industry. With a clear vision for the future, Biorigin remains committed to leading the way toward a healthier, more sustainable, and thriving world. For more information on Biorigin and its achievements, visit www.biorigin.net . About Biorigin: Biorigin is a biotechnology company that produces high-quality natural ingredients derived from the fermentation of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the human and animal food industries. Since its foundation in 2003, the company is committed to quality, excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Biorigin's mission is to promote the health and well-being of people and animals while fostering sustainable and responsible business practices. Headquartered in Lençóis Paulista, SP, Brazil, Biorigin operates globally and is acknowledged for its leadership in developing innovative biotechnological solutions. For more information, visit www.biorigin.net. Source: Biorigin By: All Pet Food 

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Advancing Pet Food: Biotechnology's role in enhancing quality and sustainability

The word "biotechnology" can be divided into two parts where "bio" refers to living organisms such as cells, bacteria, yeast, and plants, and "technology" refers to the practical application of scientific knowledge. Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes living organisms, biological systems, and processes to develop products and technologies that benefit society. The process involved in obtaining additives from yeast generally involves five stages (strain selection, cultivation, fermentation, purification, and drying), which may vary depending on the purpose of the product (protein source, prebiotic, flavor enhancer, among others). The application of biotechnology in this context has the potential to improve the quality, nutrition, and sustainability of pet foods, contributing to the health and well-being of the animal. We can mention some ways in which biotechnology in yeast production can add value to pet foods: Nutritional quality: the possibility of applying different processes to yeast to make specific nutrients available, such as making protein more accessible through hydrolysis, increasing the production of vitamins, minerals, or essential fatty acids in yeast. Digestibility: Yeast-derived products can aid in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, as well as the availability of nutrients. Production of functional compounds: Assisting in the production of specific functional compounds that offer health benefits. Alternative and sustainable ingredients: Production of alternative and sustainable ingredients for the food industry. Customization of food: It is possible to develop yeast that produces specific compounds based on individual needs according to the specific characteristics and conditions of each animal, providing a more suitable and personalized diet. Combining advances in biotechnology with the nutritional and health needs of pets, it is possible to develop healthier, sustainable and personalized foods to meet the demands of pet owners. Biorigin has stood out in this field for over 20 years, bringing different biotechnologies that provide different benefits to yeast, including: Protein source: Yeast is an excellent source of high-quality protein with great sustainable potential. Commonly, we have dried inactive yeast (NutriCell) and hydrolyzed yeast (HiCell). It contains a good variety of essential amino acids necessary for the health of pets. Adding yeast to pet food helps increase protein content and improve overall nutritional quality. Vitamins and minerals: Yeast is a natural source of various essential vitamins and minerals. It contains B-complex vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid, which play vital roles in metabolism and the nervous system of animals. Additionally, yeast is rich in minerals like zinc, selenium, and chromium, which are important for overall pet health. Palatability and flavor: Yeast has an appealing taste for many pets. It can be used as a natural ingredient to enhance the palatability of food and encourage pets to eat. Adding yeast to food aids in flavor enhancement (PalaUp), which is especially useful for picky eaters or those with reduced appetite. For example, by optimizing sugar and specific amino acid consumption and utilization, they can ensure that an appropriate amount of sugars is available for the Maillard reaction, resulting in the development of desirable flavor compounds or the presence of nucleotides, that enhance flavor by contributing to the umami taste, synergistically interacting with other taste compounds, stimulating taste receptors, and reducing the need for excessive salt or fat. To apply yeast extract, it can consider including it in the formula directly in the dough or as a coating, along with the palatant, in various pet food formats ranging from dry extruded diets to nutraceutical compounds. Fiber and intestinal health: Yeast contains soluble and insoluble fibers, which are beneficial for the intestinal health of pets. Fiber assists in regulating intestinal transit, promotes colon health, and helps form healthy stools. Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) are derived from the cell walls of yeast that support gut health in pets by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and improving digestive function. Moreover, the fiber present in yeast can act as a prebiotic (ActiveMOS and HyperGen), stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and promoting a balanced gut microbiota. It is important to mention that MOS and beta-glucan are both carbohydrates with distinct structures and functions. MOS primarily supports gut health and digestion by promoting beneficial gut bacteria, while beta-glucan focuses on immune modulation and enhancing immune responses. Their applications in pet food and supplements differ based on their specific benefits and mechanisms of action. Immune support: Yeast contains bioactive compounds like β-glucans, which have immunomodulatory properties (Macrogard). These compounds can help strengthen the immune system of pets, making them more resistant to infections and diseases. Including β-glucans in pet food provide immune support, modulates inflammation, manages allergies and atopy, promotes gastrointestinal health, potentially in cancer management, benefits cardiovascular health, and may support cognitive function in aging pets. Macrogard from Biorigin, is recognized worldwide and has extensive scientific evidence of its effectiveness. The biotechnology applied to Macrogard gives it a high content of bioactive beta-glucans, and the maintenance of the original structure of this molecule has recently been proven to have an additional function for dogs. In a recent study, Ferreira et al. (2022) demonstrated the beneficial effect of Macrogard in overweight dogs with insulin resistance. The beta-glucan can be applied in some ways, including as a supplement for immune support, in functional treats or chews for dental health and immune enhancement, in topical products for skin and coat health, in specialized diets for allergy management, and in formulations for specific health conditions such as joint health or gastrointestinal support. It is important to note that not all yeasts used in pet foods are the same. Some specific forms of yeast, such as brewer's yeast or inactivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, are more commonly used due to their nutritional properties and health benefits. The application of biotechnology in yeast production for pet food offers numerous benefits. It allows for the customization of food, improves nutritional quality, enhances digestibility, promotes the production of functional compounds, and provides sustainable and alternative ingredients. By harnessing the power of biotechnology, we can create healthier, more tailored, and sustainable pet food options that support the well-being of our beloved animal companions. With ongoing advancements in biotechnology, the future holds exciting possibilities for further innovation in pet food production, ensuring that our pets receive the best nutrition for a happy and healthy life. By: Robson Barducci - R&D Specialist at Biorigin        Anderson Dias        Leticia Pacheco

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Pet Parents and their pets sharing the search for well-being

Prebiotics has long been used as gut health promoters in dog and cat foods, but only recently have pet owners recognized and sought them out in food. The beneficial effects of prebiotics in animals are similar to those found in humans, with more than 50% of dog and cat owners in the US (55%), Germany (76%), and UK (61%) looking for products that support their animals' digestive and intestinal health (Mintel, 2021). Prebiotics are substrates that are selectively used by microorganisms in the host's gastrointestinal tract and have health benefits for those who consume them. Among the main prebiotics used in the pet food industry, we can mention fructooligosaccharides, inulin, and mannan-oligosaccharides, some fibrous ingredients can also act as prebiotics in the formula, as long as they are used selectively by the host microbiota, they promote health ( pathogen inhibition, immunity modulation, mental health, effects on insulin resistance, among others) and may have evidence of their benefits in the target population. Mannan-oligosaccharides derive from the cell wall of yeast; they are made up primarily of protein and carbohydrates. MOS has a complex structure composed of phosphorylated mannose, glucose, and protein. Its consumption stimulates the growth and metabolic activity of beneficial bacteria, which results in the production of antibacterial substances and inhibits the proliferation of undesirable microorganisms, such as Escherichia coli, Clostridium spp., and Salmonella. Beneficial bacteria also produce substances with immunostimulatory properties, interacting with the immune system in various ways, including cytokine production, mononuclear cell proliferation, phagocytic activity, and induction of synthesis of higher amounts of immunoglobulins, especially class A. A known characteristic of mannan-oligosaccharides is their effect on increasing the concentration of fermentation products in the colon; that means that it is related to the production of short-chain fatty acids. Short-chain fatty acids: acetate, propionate and butyrate, and lactic acid are considered an additional energy source for the host, promoting a reduction in the pH of the colon and, therefore, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Butyric acid is known as the main source of energy for colonocytes and can represent up to 70% of the energy used by the colonic mucosa. It has a principal action in cell growth regulation and differentiation in the intestine and, consequently, influences the integrity of the mucosa to maintain a normal cell phenotype and reduce the risk of colon carcinomas. Short-chain fatty acids also promote blood flow and muscle activity in the colon and stimulate mucin production and enterocyte proliferation. ActiveMOS is a source of mannan-oligosaccharides from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. When added to adult dog food, it increases butyrate production by 32.5% and contributes to the reduction of biogenic amines by 38%. Biogenic amines can be generated from the metabolism of microorganisms, chemical reactions, or other endogenous sources. They have important physiological functions, but at high levels, they can cause harmful effects on the host. ActiveMOS contributes positively to the digestion and metabolism of the host and mitigates the side effects of the products generated by excessive protein fermentation. HyperGen has an exclusive production process that guarantees a high content of functional soluble MOS and partial exposure of the beta-1,3/1,6-glucan layer. Its enhanced prebiotic effect gives it modulation of the local intestinal immune response and effective action on intestinal health. HyperGen increases the concentrations of butyrate, in addition to favoring beneficial bacteria: Lactobacillus ssp. and Bifidobacterium sp. This modulation of the intestinal microbiota improves local immunity and promotes better general health and well-being for the individual. This evidence reinforces the concept that health begins with good nutrition. The inclusion of sources of mannan-oligosaccharides in food formulas for dogs and cats are important tools to guarantee the intestinal health and well-being of the animal. By: Thaila Cristina Putarov, Gerente Técnica y de Productos de Biorigin Source: Biorigin

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Nutritional alternatives to improve the quality of pets life

During the last two years, the number of dogs and cats adopted has increased worldwide to alleviate the effects of isolation caused by the COVID pandemic. The human-animal bond is a mutually-beneficial and dynamic relationship influenced by behaviors considered essential for the health and well-being of both. Several scientific articles demonstrate the beneficial effects of this human-animal relationship in humans. Therefore, pet parents have become increasingly committed to reciprocating these benefits. A recent survey by Mintel (2021) showed that 33% of the Peruvians interviewed said that there are no limits to the amounts they would spend for their pets' health. In Mexico, 73% of respondents own dogs, and 35% own cats. The Latin American pet food industry has increasingly matured and grown. Latin-American consumers seek cost-effective premium pet foods. Although food price is considered when purchasing pet food, food quality has become a significant factor, particularly products offering natural and sustainable options. According to Mintel, pet parents are increasingly committed to ensuring their pets a long and healthy life and seeking preventive measures to achieve this goal. In the last five years, more than 5,100 products with an immune health claim (Immune System - Functional) were launched worldwide, and this figure has shown a 7% annual increase (CAGR 2018-2020; MINTEL). Hippocrates said, 'Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food'. This sentence perfectly applies to today's pet food market with the extensive adoption of functional and nutraceutical ingredients. Moreover, due to COVID, consumers seek products to prevent diseases and improve their quality of life through nutrition. The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been used as a functional food ingredient for thousands of years. In the pet food industry, its contribution to food palatability and functionality has been widely demonstrated, as it is a source of amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, B vitamins, manna oligosaccharides, and beta-1,3/1,6-glucans. Beta-1,3/1,6-glucans are natural polysaccharides located inside the yeast cell wall, protected by a mannan oligosaccharide layer. They have proven direct beneficial effects on the gut immune system. However, to exert such benefits, the yeast needs to be submitted to a purification process to break down the mannan oligosaccharide to release the beta-1,3/1,6-glucan molecules. Biorigin's MacroGard is a world-class biotechnological product with extensive scientific evidence of its effectiveness. MacroGard is composed of beta-1,3/1,6-glucans, and its benefits are related to immune modulation and glucose and lipid metabolism. Studies with dogs and cats evaluating MacroGard added to extruded food and cookies (or fed in capsules) demonstrated its effects on: dog atopy (Beynen et al., 2011), osteoarticular conditions (Beynen & Legerstee, 2010), oral health (Verbrugghe et al., 2012), inflammatory response reduction (Oliveira et al., 2019; Vetvicka and Oliveira, 2014; Zaine, 2014; Verbrugghe et al., 2012; Zaine, 2010), neutrophil and monocyte phagocytic activity (Vetvicka and Oliveira, 2012; Zaine, 2014), antibody production (Oliveira et al., 2019), glucose and insulin metabolism (Ferreira et al., 2022; Vetvicka and Oliveira, 2014), and lipid metabolism (Ferreira et al., 2022). MacroGard can be fed to dogs of all ages, strengthening their defenses to face possible challenges. It is particularly indicated during vulnerable life stages, such as for growing and elderly dogs. MacroGard is resistant to heat processing during pet food manufacturing, ensuring its safety and effective function when fed to dogs and cats.   Source: Biorigin


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Biorigin Promotes Functional and Clean label Ingredients at Pet Food Forum, Kansas City, USA

According to Mintel, over the past few years, consumers have been increasingly prioritizing food and drink recipes that claim to be free of artificial ingredients, such as artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. 

The same values consumers consider when buying food for their families also apply to the foods they buy for their pets, so the trends in Petfood follow more and more those of human consumption, once pets became part of the family due to the phenomenon of humanization.  With this in mind, Biorigin used all of its know-how of more than 15 years developing natural ingredients to enhance the taste of the most diverse types of food for human to create a new clean label solution that makes pet foods more palatable, attractive, and even more tasteful. The visitors that come to its booth #2206 will be able to try the benefits of PalaUp, the new Biorigin solution that
brings the tastes of the tutor and your pet closer together.  Besides clean label and free from claims, greater transparency, sustainability, and ethically-sourced ingredients, personalization and functional claims are other key petfood industry drives. "Biorigin is committed to increase the value of their customer´s products. Our natural solutions add the functionality, benefits and food safety demanded by the pet owner and are interesting tools for pet food manufacturers to differentiate and segment the products according to specific needs, age groups, breeds, etc. We have high-protein solutions, and which promote gut and immune health' adds Thaila Putarov, Global Technical Manager of Pet Products line. One of the Company's key functional product is MacroGard, that acts on the natural defenses balancing their action and contributing to pet health and well-being. Studies conducted with MacroGard have shown positive effects on dogs in different conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, osteoarthritis and obesity. Biorigin's products are natural, clean label, GMO Free, GMP+, safe, since it guarantees the traceability of the entire production process from the raw material, and they are also sustainable. About Biorigin  Biorigin is a Brazilian company, founded in 2003, which mobilizes knowledge and technology to, using biotechnological processes, develop innovative solutions in natural ingredients for the animals' health and well-being.  Its portfolio is composed of safe ingredients, assured by the total traceability of the vertically integrated production process, in addition to the quality assured by certifications FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, GMP+ (Feed Safety Assurance), Kosher (food produced according to Jewish norms)
and Halal (food produced according to Islamic requirements).  It is the first company in its segment to be certified by the Bonsucro Chain of Custody for yeast extracts and derivatives produced from fermentable sugar and sugarcane yeast cream, as well as Ecovadis gold rating and Smeta audit, showing the Biorigin's commitment to social, environmental, and economic practices through sustainable supplying.   About Pet Food Forum  Petfood Forum will be held in Kansas City, Mo., USA from May 03 to 04 and includes a three-day agenda loaded with opportunities to meet with industry professionals from all over the world, learn the latest pet food trends, discover new tools for success and share ideas. The conference and exhibition will kick off with Petfood Essentials and will continue with two full days of educational sessions.  by Biorigin 

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Biorigin is proud to announce that its 3 Brazilian production units are now ISO 14001/2015.

The company reinforces its commitment to sustainability and achieves ISO 14001/2015 for its Quatá, Lençóis Paulista and Macatuba units in Brazil Between 7th and 10th October a team of auditors from the ABS-QE certifier analyzed the company's environmental management practices. The audit was ended without records of non-compliance and Biorigin received the recommendation which recognizes the sustainable actions and goals promoted by the company and which contributes to the search for increasingly demanding customers and markets. Biorigin is always following the most important demands and market trends in order to work on the art of creating natural and sustainable solutions which promote people and animals´ health and well-being.  'Consumers seek healthy, natural alternatives that bring appeals for sustainability. In addition, they require transparency from the food and pet food industries and from the animal protein chain, checking product labels and animal production condition and their impact on environment', says Mario Steinmetz, Biorigin General Manager. ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). It provides a framework that an organization can follow, rather than establishing environmental performance requirements. 'We have built a solid path to demonstrate to our stakeholders that our ingredients, in addition to their natural origin, quality and technology, have important environmental added value to food and feed industries worldwide', adding Steinmetz. About Biorigin Biorigin is dedicated to the art of creating and producing innovative natural ingredients for the health and well-being of people and animals. Committed to adding value to its customers' products, it ensures traceability, sustainability, and quality throughout the production process, from the raw material sugarcane to the finished products. It is the first company to obtain the Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification for yeast extracts and derivatives produced from fermentable sugar and sugarcane yeast cream, demonstrating  iorigin's commitment to social, environmental, and economic practices through sustainable sourcing.  Contact: Merylin Miguel
Strategic Marketing
Ph: +55 (11) 2126-6266




Thaila Putarov

Global Technical and Product Manager – Pet Food