NorthWind extrusion controls ensure optimization of your system through implementation of specific sequencing during the startup and shutdown of equipment. This in combination with critical alarms and notifications, will help keep your extruders running and minimize wasted product


One of the most critical factors in any extrusion process is the consistent and accurate delivery of materials. Formulas for extrusion are typically set up based on a primary ingredient. All other ingredients in the formula are adjusted based on the level of the primary ingredient. NorthWind's Loss-In-Weight algorithm is designed to maintain consistency in primary ingredient rates even during refill. As the primary rate is increased or decreased, our system automatically adjusts the rates of all ingredients quickly, ensuring that the finished product is always within spec.



BatchLOGIX®, a robust recipe management tool was originally designed for batching systems is versatile enough to incorporate continuous formulas as well. BatchLOGIX offers lot tracking and tracing of ingredients which are critical features, especially in food and pet food applications. These features can also be extended into the batching and ingredient delivery systems seen in most extrusion plants.


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