A high precision dosing and weighing system is crucial to produce quality products. KSE's ALFRA equipment has over 90 years of experience in food and related industries, ensuring optimum production flexibility in your plant while maintaining high consistency of quality and safety.

These equipments incorporate solutions to dose both macro and micro components for ingredients with different densities and flow characteristics.

Raw material dosing: Precise component measurements

The quality of animal feed essentially depends on the precision of dosage and weighing of the components of the formulation. ALFRA equipment is designed to measure each component with maximum precision.

Micro-component dosing: The most precise measurement of the smallest components

With ALFRA equipment, the smallest amounts of components are measured with extreme precision to ensure that micro-dosing and weighing are no longer the bottleneck in the factory. Automating the micro-dispensing process eliminates the time-consuming (and error-prone) task of manual dispensing, ultimately improving quality consistency, process control, and health and safety performance.


We invite you to learn about ALFRA equipment for micro-dosing:


  • ALFRA BDS: The ALFRA Box Dosing System is a modular and scaleable platform that is designed to completely automate the preparation of micro ingredients for animal feed production in boxes.


  • ALFRA FCCDxy: The FCCD safely doses rarely used ingredients that can spoil if they remain in the silo for too long. It uses unique exchangeable containers with dosing slides, giving efficient and contamination-free dosing of even small quantities of materials. Ingredients from up to 24 containers can be combined automatically.


  • ALFRA FCDxy: Combining high throughput with outstanding accuracy, the ALFRA FCDxy features our unique dosing slide, which ensures that dosing and weighing is no longer a factory bottleneck. Uniquely, it eliminates labor-intensive and error-prone hand dosing – and the alternative of a separate machine for small amounts – by handling from 50 gram right up to 100 kg in a single machine.


  • ALFRA KCD: is designed for dosing and weighing dry powders, granulates and pellets. The dosing and weighing system combines high throughput with excellent accuracy.



KSE was founded in 1973 as a small electrical installation company in the agricultural sector.

Over the years, it has specialized in dosing and weighing systems and intelligent automation software for the feed industry. They focus on continuous innovation, passed down from generation to generation. This sector is its core market. Personal contact, excellent service and a passion for the powder and granules processing sector are the keys that have allowed them to grow from being a small company to an international company with activities all over the world.

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