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Next-Generation Bagging Lines for Pet Food

PAYPER, a Spanish company founded in 1973, specializes in designing and manufacturing machinery for dosing, weighing, bagging, palletizing, and overwrapping solutions. For more than 50 years, we have developed unique features for pet food bagging, such as air extraction from the bag to extend product shelf life or the patented technology for levelling the top of the bag to ensure a flawless closure.

PET FOOD industry customers in Latin America, have trusted us with more than 500 projects installed using PAYPER technology. From our subsidiaries in Mexico and Brazil, we offer a comprehensive service covering all the steps from the sales phase to after-sales and spare parts supply, guaranteeing close attention throughout the process.

With 8 subsidiaries and representation worldwide, our local sales and service organizations are at your disposal to answer any questions and offer you the solution that best suits your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how PAYPER can help you improve your pet food bagging and palletizing operations.


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PAYPER receives ISO 9001 certification for quality management

We are pleased to announce that PAYPER has been certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015. The certification for PAYPER's quality management system was awarded on March 7, 2024, and issued through Bureau Veritas, a leading global certification entity. PAYPER's certification covers a broad range of our operations, from engineering to sales, R+D, purchase, manufacturing, warehouse management, commissioning and services such as customer support and spare parts management. So, it covers all internal processes of our organization including the interactions with our suppliers and customers. The rigorous criteria of the certification ensure ongoing analysis and improvement of product quality so that our solutions for bagging, palletizing and wrapping are even more aligned with customers' needs.
  'Acquiring ISO 9001 accreditation validates our ongoing commitment to high standards of quality and excellence in all aspects of our business. Moreover, the certification process has been an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and ultimately strengthen our business.' Josep Mª Godia, Managing Director at PAYPER.
  At PAYPER, we are proud to reach this important milestone and remain dedicated to upholding our commitment to excellence for our valued customers.
  What is ISO 9001? ISO 9001 is a globally recognized certification standard that defines the requirements for establishing a Quality Management System (QMS). It was developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This certification provides a framework for organizations to define, implement, maintain, and continually improve their quality management processes and procedures. The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on numerous quality management principles, such as a robust emphasis on customer satisfaction, a process-oriented approach, active involvement from top management and an ongoing commitment to improvement. Compliance with ISO 9001 demonstrates an organization's ability to consistently provide products and services that meet regulatory requirements and focus on customer satisfaction. Many organizations worldwide seek ISO 9001 certification to demonstrate their commitment to quality and improve their overall performance. Download PAYPER's ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate Source: PAYPER.

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Press Realease - PAYPER focuses on digitalization, accuracy and performance.

PAYPER stands for accuracy, control and performance   Accuracy Weighing has been at the centre of interest in PAYPER's R&D&I department ever since the first weighing device was designed in 1973. In line with the ongoing commitment to weighing accuracy, PAYPER will present MSX: a new dynamic weight controller. It ensures maximum accuracy at high bagging speeds, being one of the most accurate weighing systems in the bagging industry. Accredited by official metrology institutions, it is specifically designed for the bagging of all types of solid products: granules, flakes and fine powders. Control Pulsar ensures full control of the production processes with a single click. This new cloud-based software solution enables bulk good producers to digitalize their bagging lines taking their production to the next level. At PACK EXPO International in Chicago in 2022 PAYPER introduced the Pulsar-S, to enhance customers' after-sales-service experience. We are now introducing Pulsar M at the main meeting point for the packaging industry worldwide, Interpack 2023. This all-in-one digital solution allows advanced management of production and service.   Pulsar S: Smart Customer Service and Maintenance Make the most of your production line with Pulsar S. The different modules allow plant managers, maintenance managers and operators to work together to increase the lifetime and effectiveness of the bagging line machinery. Among other actions, it is possible to perform: Predictive Maintenance: risk management, task scheduling and tutorials to reduce maintenance costs and machinery downtime. Quick spare parts management: orders, stock and deliveries. Easier Customer Service communication: Omnichannel support. Remote training and technical support: using augmented reality. Data-driven decisions: real-time KPIs and analytics.   Pulsar M: Future-proof production management Pulsar M is a cloud-based software solution for the collection, visualization and analysis of data from complete bagging lines: from dosing to warehouse management. Among other functions, it is possible to access: Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) measurement. Alarm management: Step-by-step indications. Traceability: batch management. Monitoring: The status of every machine in the line can be monitored from any one of them.   Performance PAYPER designs and manufactures high-performance bagging lines for industry leaders: Turnkey projects including dosing, weighing, bagging, palletizing and overwrapping. Dosing and weighing: Wide range of dosing systems that adapt to the size, shape and fluidity of the product: gross or net weight, free-flowing or not, powdery, flakes or granulates. Bagging: High-performance automatic bagging machines for open-mouth bags, valve bags and FFS-tubular bags. Also, filling stations for Big Bag production lines. Palletizing: A wide range of robot and conventional palletizers for perfect pallet stability. Overwrapping: End-of-line solutions for ideal finishing and protection such as wrapping machines and stretch hood machines.   PAYPER will be showcasing an FFS bagging machine from the ASSAC series at the stand. This bagging system forms, fills and seals bags from a continuous tubular reel of plastic. An efficient solution for bagging all types of bulk solids applied in the food, petrochemical, fertilizer and building industries. The ASSAC FFS bagging machine stands out for its compact and heavy-duty design with easy access for cleaning and maintenance. Among the available options are: hygienic design for the food and chemical industries and an anti-corrosion configuration for handling corrosive and abrasive products. Do not miss the opportunity to see first-hand one of the fastest bagging machines on the market with performances of up to 2,600 bags/hour.    50th anniversary   PAYPER is celebrating an important milestone in its history in 2023, its 50th anniversary. "We are very proud of what we have achieved since we designed our first weighing system for the fertilizer industry in 1973. Today, we are recognized worldwide as one of the market leaders in packaging for bulk solids. This has only been possible as a result of the close collaboration with our worldwide team, our long-term partners and our customers which has taken us to where we are today."  Josep Mª Godia, Managing Director at PAYPER.   About PAYPER PAYPER's headquarters was established near Barcelona, Spain, in 1973. PAYPER designs and manufactures next-generation packaging lines for bulk solids. Customers in more than 75 different countries have chosen PAYPER as their supplier for over 4,000 projects. With 50 years on the market, it has gained extensive knowledge in numerous sectors, from the agro-food industry to the chemical and animal feed industries. A global team of +140 highly skilled professionals provide rapid assistance throughout the product's life cycle. An efficient worldwide sales and service organization is composed of 8 subsidiaries and an extensive network of agents, ready to answer all of the customer's questions.   Press contact: Noèlia Sans - Marketing Director   Source: PAYPER  


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New Product - PAYPER presents new high-output FFS bagger

PAYPER has recently launched a new FFS bagging machine capable of filling up to 2,600 bags/hour. This bag filler, which is now the highest performing member of the FFS ASSAC-family, is called U20. It handles bags from 5 to 50 kg and works with tubular PE or Aluminium roll film with PE laminate and is especially suitable for bulk solids in granules. The ASSAC-U20 is specially designed for free flowing products such as plastic pellets, fertilizer prills, etc. Common demands when bagging this kind of products are output capacity, precision and reliability and the U20 meets all three. Five decades of experience and collaboration with the industry make PAYPER a trustworthy partner. Any new project is developed in close cooperation with the client and is tailor-made to suit each individual need. The ASSAC U20 is a flexible bagging solution that can be adapted to different requirements by adding modules such as Automatic roll film change; ATEX certification; Anti-corrosion kit; Cleaning system; Corner sealing system for optimal bag shape or a Movable platform. Additionally, a Metal-detector, Check-weigher or Ink-printer can be added to the line to customize the entire system for the user. Read more HERE   ASSAC-U20. PAYPER's newest FFS bagging machine – 2,600 bags/h   Bagging-line with PAYPER's new FFS bagger, 'ASSAC-U20' with a capacity of 2,600 bags/h. Features automatic roll film changer, metal detector and check weigher.   Automatic film roll changer fitted to PAYPER's new FFS bagging machine 'ASSAC-U20'.   PAYPER's high-speed FFS Bagging System, 'ASSAC-U20' with automatic film roll changer.   Fuente: Payper


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Full line Bagging and Palletizing Solution that Fulfills Future Needs

ACA, one of Argentina's main Pet food Manufacturers, decided to install new technology in their production line, as the old manual bagging system had become a bottleneck in the production line. The company has a wide variety of extruded products with kibble sizes ranging from 2.0 mm diameter up to 16.0 mm diameter x 26 mm long, with an ethereal extract from 4.0% up to 30.0%. The bag-types are numerous as well: Open mouth paper bags and open mouth plastic bags with or without micro-perforation, with 4 seams, pillow type or laminated with metal. The production rate of the new system should be capable of reaching 1.000 bags of 15 kg per hour. Further, it should be easy to switch between different bag sizes, from 8 to 30 kg and between different closure systems such as heat sealing, stitching and sew-through tape closure. ACA investigated the market and visited different installations and finally decided on PAYPER for several reasons: Precise, well-functioning, and accurate machines that would fulfill future needs. PAYPER has representation in Argentina and technical service in Brazil. Together ACA and PAYPER designed the new end-of-line solution, assuring that all the demands were taken into consideration. Requirements to the new End of Line solution: Precision and accuracy The capacity of 1.000 bags/h Ability to work with a variety of kibbles Must handle different bag materials and sizes The system comprises a CSA-105 open-mouth bagging machine and a TOPLOAD palletizer. Mr.  Roberto Chunco, Head of ACA's Feed Plant in front of the high capacity automatic palletizier 'The commissioning of the installation was handled in a very professional way with thorough training of the operators. Whenever we have needed PAYPER`s After Sales Service the response has been optimal. Since the installation in May 2017, the bagging line has proved its worth. The goal of manufacturing has been fulfilled, we have obtained the expected savings, and the presentation and the finishing of the bag are of top-quality, ready for retail. ' Mr. Roberto Chunco, Head of the Feed Plant. 'The replacement, in addition to automating allowed us significant cost savings and improvements in the final presentations of our products.' Mr Walter Brignoli, General Manager of the Feed Factory. 'One of the greatest satisfactions is the precision of the weighing and dosing system and the speed with which it is done' Mr José Sejas, End of Line Coordinator, Responsible for operation and maintenance. by Bulk Inside




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