Their goal was to increase bag filling capacity while reducing manual handling. For this, they turned to NUPAC in Australia, known as reliable suppliers of processing and packaging machinery and STATEC BINDER partners, who share a commitment to finding high-quality solutions for their customers.

The Challenge: Enhancing Efficiency

Massel Australia recognized the need to improve their bulk bagging process. The objective was straightforward: streamline operations, reduce labor requirements and elevate efficiency. They needed a partner who could not only provide cutting-edge machinery but also understand the unique constraints and demands of their production facility.

Choosing NUPAC and STATEC BINDER: A partnership founded on individuality

Massel Australia's journey toward a solution led them to NUPAC. What set NUPAC apart from the competition was more than just state-of-the-art equipment. Michael Caine, General Manager of Massel Australia, commented that they proceeded with NUPAC because "they displayed a genuine interest in coming up with a solution for us, listened to our needs and constraints, and were able to come up with a creative and efficient solution."

The Solution for the customer: STATEC BINDER´s Acropac-T Machine

NUPAC recommended the STATEC BINDER Acropac-T machine with gross weighing system and stainless steel execution. ACROPAC-T is a fully automatic open-mouth bagging machine which was perfectly tailored to Massel's requirements. This state-of-the-art equipment not only increased bag-filling capacity but also significantly reduced the need for manual operator input. One of the critical aspects was its ability to deliver substantial cost savings per bag filled. This cost-effectiveness made the investment in the new equipment an attractive proposition for Massel Australia.

Overcoming Space Constraints

Massel Australia faced a particularly challenging constraint—limited space, especially in terms of height. NUPAC worked closely with STATEC BINDER to overcome this challenge and find a solution that was compatible with the space available. This commitment to meeting every challenge head-on impressed Massel Australia and reinforced their trust in NUPAC as well as in the quality of STATEC BINDER machines.

Massel Australia's encounter with NUPAC and STATEC BINDER was notably favorable.

Michael Caine, in particular, emphasized that the entire process was an "overall excellent  xperience." He commended their professional handling of all queries and questions, creating a relationship that streamlined communication, especially during the planning and execution phases.

When asked if they would recommend NUPAC and STATEC BINDER to others, Massel Australia responded with a resounding "Yes." Their recommendation is rooted in the positive purchasing experience and their trust in the post-sales support. They are confident that the ongoing support will maintain the same high standards of professionalism, positivity, and effectiveness as their initial interaction.

In conclusion, this partnership has not only enhanced Massel's bag-filling process, thereby improving operational efficiency, but has also instilled confidence in NUPAC and STATEC BINDER's ability to provide unwavering support in the face of any challenge.

By Statetc Binder

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